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Quiet Antennas

Saturday, May 30th, 2009


I have added a 17/20m dipole to the arsenal here.  You can see the 17mtr part as the heavy wire coming from the center insulator.  I used wire that was already on there from KH6 operation.  The 20m is the usually THIN non-insulated wire I get from Radio Shack.  You can barely see one side extending from the center horizontally to the left.


This photo shows the original antennas.  The vertical is a 40-10m R8.  The center insulator at the corner of the roof is a dipole with elements cut for 5mHz (US Coast Guard) and is fed with parallel 75-ohm coax. I can tune it 3.2 – 30mHz with a Johnson matchbox. 

While in a restricted sub-division, there are a few ham antennas around.  If not for the R8, no one would see the other antennas.

Station For May

Friday, May 29th, 2009



Here’s the latest version of monitoring.  The Mac sees the remote in Oxnard.  The right screen is remote in Conway, audio monitoring of Channel Islands, audio monitoring of IC-756-ProIII, Ventrilo in Conway and SSTV window with 756 monitoring 14.230 mHz.