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Building New Station

Planted In Arkansas

1939 Ham Radio Video

HF Log

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M2 LP8 40 - 10 Log House log

I’m real happy with the new M2 LP8 log antenna. I have worked a lot of stations barefoot without the need for an amplifier. It is mounted on top of 60 feet of 45G and is about 620′ ASL.

admin @ March 12, 2013

Building New Station

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Ham shack...

Slowing getting the radio shack setup. Used racks, which makes some parts easy, but the down side is space. Where a table allows radios side by side, I lose a lot of space in between. But, adding or changing location is easy.

Equipment is IC-756ProIII, (2) Ic-706MkIIG, Kenwood TS-430S with Collins 30L1, Alpha 76A and Alpha 87A amps. VHF is Yaesu FT-847. Additional receive with Harris R-2368/URR receiver.

Antennas: M2 HF Log with Yaesu G-2800DXA rotor at 60 feet, 75 meter dipole, 3.2/5.2 mHz dipoel, 4/8 mHz dipole.

Computers are for Ham Radio Deluxe station control, digital console (all modes, Winlink), monitoring HF GMDSS DSC frequencies and laptop.

Seen at the side is a Motorola MSF-5000 UHF repeater being tuned up to allow mobile operation of the station.

There is a 3″ PVC going out the wall behind the racks to the 45G tower. In addition, there are two 3″ PVC conduits that run into the floor and come out on the other side of the house for additional antennas.

admin @ March 12, 2013

Planted In Arkansas

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After 13 great years in California, Cody and I returned to Arkansas. We are in the process of building a house on Lake Dardanelle and looking forward to planting antennas and other communication adventures. Stay tuned.

wd5b @ June 10, 2012

1939 Ham Radio Video

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Interesting video about ham radio for the 1939’s. View it here.

Other Ham Radio Videos

  Andy Hardy Ham Radio

wd5b @ December 17, 2011

Radio That Started It All

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philcoradioMany, many and more years ago the family Thanksgiving was at Aunt Mamie’s house. I was 12 or so. In any case, was looking forward to FOOD which was always plenty on holidays. Once we ate and everyone settled down, I saw an AM radio sitting in the corner of the den. I turned it on to listen, but there was a band I was not familiar with — SW (Shortwave). I turned the band switch to SW and spun the dial What was this? Moscow? BBC? Cuba? All up and down the bands I was hearing stations from around the world just as if they were local. I was at that point hooked on shortwave and eventually ham radio. Not only did that experience become my main hobby, it also directed me down the road of communications and broadcasting. All because I was bored on Thanksgiving Day.

Then, just a few weeks ago I spied a 1947 Philco 1230 AM/FM/SW console on craigslist for sale. Just like the one I remembered a long time ago. So, I grabbed it in non-working condition. But, a couple replacement tubes and a few capacitors later…. it is now sitting in my house again spilling audio and memories of days long ago.

wd5b @ September 16, 2010

K6AUX – International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend

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K6AUX is a club call obtained by the Channel Islands Auxiliary Radio Club formed by WD5B, KD6HJR, AF6NJ and KG6UPT. Its primary purpose is for fellowship and special event operations like the ILLW Pt Hueneme Lighthouse weekend. K6AUX plans to operate during the ILLW weekend of Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd from 0900 – 1500 local while the lighthouse is open to the public. We are encouraging local hams to come by to visit, learn about the Auxiliary and guest operate the station. I understand that an invitation to the power squadron has been extended. We have not been contacted by anyone at this time.

This weekend coincides with the Pt. Hueneme festival so we are expecting a good crowd to come through. We are manned at those times but could use some extra people and are working on that. In addition, setup of the antenna will be on Friday the 20th of August. This also gives us a chance to promote the USCG Auxiliary.

We will run on emergency power Friday night and will get commercial power from the lighthouse after it opens Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon.

I am planning on operating some the evening of the 20th after setup. Am still looking for operators that evening. In addition, I want to operate the evening of the 21st from 1500 until ???. That all depends on bands and weather conditions. I expect the other lighthouses suffer the same from climate conditions but it can be pretty brutal up here and we will be working in a canopy with tarp sides.

We will have three stations operating anticipating one on 40 meters, one on 17 meters and one on 20-15-10 meters. A 40 meter dipole, 17 meter Buddipole and a HyGain TH3JRS for 20, 15 and 10 meters at approximately 20 feet. Initial published frequencies plus or minus QRM are 7180, 14294, 18145, 21290 and 28495 kHz. A VHF station will be setup and hopefully be able to access not only Yankee Romeo, but other Auxiliary and amateur repeaters in the area.

K6AUX will offer an award to any station that works all three lighthouse being manned by District 11SR Coast Guard Auxiliary which includes K6AUX, K6A, and W6A during the special event period. Certificates require a 9 x 12 or larger SASE or for stations within the US a QSL with $1. The certificate is available for printing so K6A and W6A can offer the same or use whatever requirements they desire. This, of course requires sharing logs which I hope is no problem with all stations.

wd5b @ August 1, 2010

WD5B Marine Mobile

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Just installed an antenna system and wiring to support HF operation on my 30′ Silverton. The ground side has 1/4 wave radials run through the bottom of the boat for 20 – 10 meters. Does tune 40 and 80 without problem but do not know the efficiency. Often think about going out past the 12 mile continental line and operate maritime mobile.

wd5b @ July 19, 2010

USS Midway Operation

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I was given the opportunity to operate NI6IW – USS Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego on Memorial Day making several contacts. My host, Joe Garza AB6RM was a very gracious host. USS Midway (CVB/CVA/CV-41), the lead ship of her class, and the first to be commissioned after the end of World War II. Active in the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm. See Wikipedia.

wd5b @ June 1, 2010

Operated KH6BB – USS Missouri, Pearl Harbor

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K5JU and myself were given the opportunity to operated from the USS Missouri while in Honolulu. It was a great experience with the high point being working my son, W5CND in Arkansas, from the Missouri. Our first HF contact and from such a great site.

The station was a TS-450S and the antenna a cage antenna on the bow of the ship 90 feet up in the air.

admin @ March 19, 2010

New Addition Collins KWM-2

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I have acquired a KWM-2. Yes, I have Collins but like the KWM-2 although I never had one in the past. It has a great receiver and looking forward to some late night contacts with the radio ‘glowing’….

admin @ March 14, 2010