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Harry Cook - W5HFQ

My original elmer. He would not know it for a long time, but the impression left by a visit to his shack would stay forever. Harry lived in Dell, Arkansas while I was growing up. Dell was a small farming community (and hasn't changed much since). He lived out in the country which, as I would learn later in life, definitely had its advantages.

I remember my father taking me out to Harry's shack on several occasions. It was in the back of a carport and was fasinating. The walls were covered with cards from all over the world. The antenna was huge and the sounds out of the radio from distant places kept me in wonder.

Harry, through my dad, introduced me to a world that I had no doubt that I wanted to get involved in. It would be quite a number of years before I would obtain my novice and advanced in my freshman year of high school year. Harry had already moved away.

Harry ended up retiring in Louisiana and became a silent key in May 1992. I can still in my mind hear him chatting on the air and see his smile, always taking time to chat with the young kid facinated with a ham license.

Click here to view a Windows Media Film taken by my dad with Harry in there circa 1960's (4.9mB)
[Sorry for quality especially audio. Looking to do a better copy]