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Operational until 1998 in Conway, Arkansas on 8 acres of land in the country. Computers left to right are DX Cluster, PBBS Gateway, 24 hour linux jnos gateway to internet and then computer for DX Base, radio and rotor control, email, web, etc. DX Cluster had three ports: 30 mtr HF link, 145.69mHz link to NW Arkansas and local VHF port on 145.45 mHz full duplex repeater. PBBS had ports on 147.415mHz local and 145.01 link.

HF was TS450S with TS430S backup into either a Collins 30L1 or homebrew pair of 4-400s with 13 element DX Engineering log periodic fed with 1/2" heliax or 160-10m vertical also fed with 1/2" heliax. DSP filtering was also used to get weak signals. DX cluster was monitored with DX Base software and alerted for new country or contack. Radio and rotor was computer controlled for quick access. SB630 station monitor provided quick tune of the amplifiers.

Not shown, but Alpha 76 amp was added after this picture was taken.

Dell SWL Shack - 1969

Dell - 1972

Dell - 1978

Dell - 1979

West Memphis Shack (80's)

West Memphis Color BBS

Little Rock Shack

PBBS System - Little Rock

Conway, AR - Robinson Street

DX Cluster on Robinson

Conway Shack and PacketCluster

Conway Shack - Troxel Lane