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Bob Cox - K5KMK


Bob picked up where Harry W5HFQ left off. He worked at Farmer's Bank in Blytheville -- what we considered "going to town". W5HFQ introduced me to amateur radio and through the years, I got involved in shortwave listening always having that desire

to get a license. On a trip to Batesville, Arkansas for a meeting of a shortware listening club that several of us formed, one of the members had a Heath HW-16 and vertical for sale. $75! That was a lot of money to me at the time and I didn't have it. After an evening of pleading and begging, my father drove me back to Batesville to get the cherished treasure.

We went on to Norfork Lake for the week of cabin, skiing and swimming. But, I had the HW-16 on without a crystal studying my cw. As soon as I returned, I called Bob and asked him to give me the novice exam. We met at a comfortable place -- the conference room of the bank! He gave me the exam and congratulated me on passing it.

Over the next few years, I could always depend on Bob to take time, even when I disturbed him at work, to either explain a concept to me or just have a friendly chat. He always made me feel at home.

After getting my advanced class license, I got a Drake TR-4. Bob sold me his homebrew pair of 813s amplifier. What a treasure. Still was my favorite amp. It saw years and years of use and, in some parts, is till around as a pair of 3-500z.

Bob now lives in Carlisle, Arkansas. He had an impact on my life and a hobby I have kept for almost 40 years now. Bob and I occasionally talk on 75 meters.