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Jack White - K5SMV

Jack White - K5SMV

Jack was my technical elmer. I first met him not long after getting my advanced class license. I looked and looked and looked for a transmitter capable of handling my advanced license. After checking everywhere, and my pocketbook, I came across a Hammarlund transmitter.

I had a HW-16 with three crystals that I used as a novice. Along the way, I picked up a Drake receiver and decided that I would just get a transmitter to go with it. I order the Hammarlund from Amateur Electronic Supply and couldn't wait to get it upstairs to my room, which was no easy task as it was quite heavy. I made a few contacts and decided to "tune it up" and check out other antennas. I tuned and tuned and tuned which after a short time brought a smell of burning resistors, dimming lights and then darkness. Bob, K5KMK, suggested I give Jack a call.

After talking to Jack on the phone, I drove the melted transmitter to his house. He comes out with a crew cut, pipe and a big smile on his face. Never once did he ask if "didn't I know better" or laugh at my problem. Rather, he helped grab up the unit and we went inside for a QSO. Jack repaired the transmitter, but more than that, inspired me to learn as much as I could about the technical aspects of ham radio.

I moved away from Dell after school, but returned a few years later for a while. Jack was there, pipe in hand always ready for a cup of coffee, sheet of paper and a project. Amateur radio was always interesting, but Jack took it a step further with endless conversations about how something worked or "what if we…" projects.

A prized day is still when I can drop by, say hello and pull out the paper. We still occasionally catch up with each other on 75 meters.

Thank you, Jack.